Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bread so crazy, it's in the name!

This was long overdue. I have even admitted this to Nikkilooch, who has been urging for years that I was truly missing out from not eating Crazy Bread from Little Caesars. But I took care of that this past weekend.

First off, it's been years since I've even tasted anything from LC's. But I was willing to explore this new culinary foray. And it totally lived up to it's name! This is especially important after ordering Amazing Lamb from a Chinese joint and finding out it was Just Alright Lamb. Just grabbed a single order with a cup of Crazy Sauce (of course!) and bolted home with every intent of it being a side-item to my leftover Chipotle lunch. That's not quite how things went.

So I was driving home when it became quite clear that my car was smelling better by the minute. Guess why? Crazy Bread! I tossed everything on a plate and was initially dismayed. I guess my brain expected kinda cheesy bread, but this is not CB's style. I started dipping, chomping, enjoying, eating more. Pretty soon I had eaten all but 3 sticks and forced myself to stop there, temptation be damned. I now empathize completely with Nikki's urges to just eat the whole thing in one sitting. Oh - and Chipotle never even made it out of the fridge until much, much later.

My mind was blown. This bread was indeed very crazy.

Even made good use of the leftovers by throwing them in the toaster for a minute to crisp things up. I also learned that it's good to alternate bites with and without dipping sauce. The bread is so good on its own that you gotta let it shine solo... in your mouth. So yeah, overall a very satisfying food experience. It's not fine dining in any sense - it's actually pretty disgraceful. But it's clearly going to be a guilty pleasure in the future. Go get some. Seriously.

Pictured above: my undoing, Crazy Bread/Sauce

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KT Mac said...

You can get crazy bread around here?!!?!?! WHERE?!?! I miss it!